retraces 100 years of the Triennale Milano

At the end of November 2023, we were invited by Triennale Milano to create animated content for the video timeline of Cuore, a new space dedicated to archives and research, designed by Luca Cipelletti, which opened to the public on Valentine's Day 2024.
for: Triennale Milano

team: Pierluigi Anselmi, Pietro Buffa, Marco Gabriele, Francesco Nozza, Giacomo Quinland, Mara Castiglioni, Martina Gommellini

The project features a series of three videos displayed in a row along the southern wall of the space. These three 4-meter-wide LED walls form a timeline showcasing about a hundred historical images curated by Marilia Pederbelli. The timeline is divided into three periods, each split into 8 segments, making a total of 24 fluid compartments that open and close to tell the story of the 24 Triennales held between 1923 and 2025.

Each LED wall presents a 12-minute animated video that highlights different phases of activity: the chronological progression of the exhibitions, posters, photographic documentation, infographics, and a wall of fame for the curators, authors, and designers who have contributed to Triennale Milano over more than a century.

We aimed to blend the archival aspect of the installation with user-friendliness, designing an interface that guides viewers through the timeline of events and content without needing additional tools (like voice-overs or supplementary texts). The narrative structure and graphic design (aligned with Triennale's visual identity) work together to reinforce the visual concept: making the timeline theme clear and accessible at all times.
We also wanted to make this journey through time enjoyable and engaging. To lighten the experience, over half of the historical photographs have been animated, increasing viewer engagement. The work includes two special data visualization moments: one where the three walls combine into a single large histogram showing visitor numbers, and another where they form a triptych of world maps illustrating international participation.

The animation is accompanied by sound design and composition by Painé Cuadrelli, which adds a light, melodic layer that cheerfully and subtly complements the animated content, connecting the three walls in the space.