goes huge for Zero

Since 2015 propp is responsible for the creative direction of Grande! ZERO, the megasize edition of ZERO magazine. Each issue is cutom designed based on the content. Thorugh the years we have talked about Milan Design Week, MiArt, the Design Triennale's Broken Nature, interviewed tons of creatives, entrpreneurs, artists and entarteiners to celebrate nightlife and bartending/drinking culture with best people and spot in town.

Grande! ZERO Design, Milan, March 2018

Grande! ZERO Nightlife, Milan, October 2017 

Grande! ZERO Drink, Milan, June 2017 

Grande! ZERO Design, Milan, March—April 2017

Grande! ZERO UEFA Champions League, Milan, May 2016

Grande! ZERO Design, Milan, March 2016

Grande! ZERO “The City”, Milan + Rome, November 2015

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