cruises through the waterways

"Il Panperduto e la Regione del Villoresi" is an animated documentary, a short film that weaves together documents, vintage photos, archival materials, and illustrations to create a captivating journey through time and space in the Villoresi Region.

The narrative unfolds around Eugenio Villoresi, a visionary engineer from Monza who, some 200 years ago, brought to life a crucial project for Lombardy's economic growth: the Villoresi Canal. This 86km waterway horizontally slices through the northern territory of Milan.
for: Consorzio di Bonifica Est Ticino Villoresi

With: Andrea Quartarone, Duccio Servi

team: Pierluigi Anselmi, Alessandro C. Busseni, Pietro Buffa, Giacomo Quinland, Marco Gabriele, Francesco Nozza, Giada Fiorenza, Martina Gommellini, Mara Castiglioni, Beatrice Savoldelli

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