breaks the 17K wall!

A "handmade" story gives life and color to the Portal Of Mysteries, the video-installation imagined by philospher Emanuele Coccia, developed by Dotdotdot, and illustrated and animated by propp. The portal introduces the public to the mysteries of the XXIII Triennale – Unknown Unknowns.

16 monitors x 4’ 25” of video x 12 animated illustrations depict the highlights of the exhibition through an interpretation of the works and the creation of an immersive narration, sanely out of this world, but most importantly colorful.

for: Triennale Milano

with: Dotdotdot, Emanuele Coccia

team: Pierluigi Anselmi, Pietro Buffa, Alessandro C. Busseni, Giacomo Quinland, Elena Iankov, Lorenzo Baraldi, Wei-Hsin Shih, Alessio Brioschi, Guido Dallago

photos: DSL studio

︎ propp, 2024